Pit Bull Handmaidens and Patriarchy

Ever since I have been active in pro BSL (breed specific legislation) advocacy, because of the grave danger that pit bulls pose to girls and women, I have wondered why so many of the most vocal, public, pit enthusiasts, have been women. Unlike men, that are mostly in anti BSL advocacy/rescue, as a cover for dog fighting, and other typical disgusting activities, women really want to save every one of these “pibbles”- even ones that have killed babies and ripped flesh off of women (wish this was hyperbole)!  I get why men love pits, they are an intimidating, walking embodiment of masculinity. But why women?

Even as hundreds of women are dismembered, their baby daughters ripped from their arms to get their faces torn off, even killed, tens of thousands of women are spending all of their time and money protecting and rescuing these pits, putting themselves (and all others) at risk. The “rescue angels” also spend endless amounts of effort to convince everyone that these pits are really just poor misunderstood, sweet, nanny-dogs, that would never hurt a fly. They deny the death toll, and even when faced with a victim, they do not appear to accept the danger as related to the dog. It defies comprehension.

Those of us that work to protect all women and girls (and the general public) from these animals receive insane amounts of hate mail; death threats towards them and their families, graphic threats of rape, detailed stories of how their mauler will eat the person alive, illustrations of their kids being harmed, etc. They also are stalked, have their names smeared, reputations ruined, pit worshippers call their jobs and try to get them fired, they are censored, de-platformed, etc.  (And for once, the men get the same horrible harassment and abuse as the women! Equality!)

I bet this is all sounding strangely familiar right about now….. So I had to ask myself- why are the responses to those that try to protect women and children from pit bulls, prostitution, rape, murder, so similar? Why are these people so over the top insane about these animals, who are known to be the deadliest dog on the planet as far as body count goes? Why is it that stating basic facts is enough to get a mob to try to destroy you? What gives?

It is because Pit Bulls are the ultimate expression of patriarchy and the darkest side of male supremacy; brute strength, willingness to kill, rape, and destroy, as well as an innate desire for random violence. Made by the most masculine of men, to fight and kill for male pleasure and profit, pits are the perfect embodiment of all that is deadly in patriarchy, and exploitive in capitalism. Modern men see, in pits, the traits they most want to identify with, a primitive, primal, viciousness and mastery of the fight.

I do believe this direct relation to patriarchy is why a certain women worship pits- it gives them esteem, authority, and a (false) sense of power, to think that such a potent male creature is under their total control. Owning these monsters is how they try to access the power that they can never have in the real world, the world ruled by despotic males.  The power trip they get from believing that they have tamed these wild, brutal beasts, and made them their beloved protector, is enormously fulfilling. They see the ultimate man in a pit bull (sex of the dog is irrelevant); loving, loyal, but willing to rip the throat out of anyone that looks at them wrong.

This behavior has a parallel in women that adore, and pursue, convicted murders, felons, rapists, pornographers, and other violent types. A lifetime of seeing violence and brutality towards women portrayed as intensely sexual and pleasurable, it is no surprise when women are aroused by being intimate with a man/animal that has proven willing and able to use violence. Winning the “love” of such a vicious monster makes some women feel special, and even safe. Even if their family relationships weren’t based on the same pattern of abuse, our culture has taught women that violence and degradation are a necessary part of being loved.

And the pit bull fulfills these identical needs, but with the added bonus of being property, fully dependent, and unable to leave. The dog is an idealized partner, and anytime someone threatens this relationship in any way, they are targeted. The same goes for anyone that attempts to break the necromantic spell of the pit bull by sharing statistics, and stories of attacks, they must be shut up permanently if possible. Women team up with some of the most vicious of men to attack those that dare speak the truth about their prized possession.

Sadly, these all of these relationships often come with a very high price for women, including, death.Two of the saddest examples of this dynamic are the deaths of Darla Napora (and fetus) and Rebecca Carrey . Both of these women were staunch pit bull supporters involved in anti BSL and pro pit advocacy. Darla’s husband was extremely creepy,and likely abusive; the ashes of the dog that killed her, were buried in the coffin with her body, and her unborn baby. Rebecca rescued known dangerous dogs, mostly pits, that were taken from a shelters death row. Both were sacrificed to the necromantic cult of the pit bull.

Darla- http://blog.dogsbite.org/2011/08/2011-fatality-pregnant-pacifica-woman.html

Rebecca- http://blog.dogsbite.org/2012/08/2012-dog-bite-fatality-dog-rescuer-killed-by-pit-bulls.html


8 thoughts on “Pit Bull Handmaidens and Patriarchy

  1. Black Metal Valkyrie

    Hi, simply giving statistics is not enough. You must contextualize them. Surely trannies have taught us this. Pro-BSL activists conveniently forget to mention the majority of pit bull owners have a history of violent crime nor do they provide estimates of how many of each breed of dog exists to give more context to the stats. It is very likely they abuse the dogs. I admire your activism bc of the reasons you do it and I understand where you are coming from but I personally find your proposed reason which you say women are attracted to pit bulls insulting. Using “power trip” wrt women is inappropriate and not reflective of women’s reality because women have no power in patriarchy. I think the reason they like them is because women are persecuted and they feel these dogs are persecuted too. My sister started begging my mom to rescue a pit bull and finally my mom agreed. My mom was afraid of them before she met our dog Daisy but now she is completely attached, as is everyone in our household. You do have a good point as a feminist that they were bred to very masculine ideals and the jaw strength is an issue. I am skeptical of the whole “attacks randomly” thing. I don’t think this is the consensus of dog behavioral scientists but I would need to do more research.


    1. freefromsexpozzies Post author

      I am honored you posted replies Black Metal! Thank you!

      I have an amazing amount of experience with the issues of pits; I started as an owner, but after a series of attacks and deaths, I decided to learn more, and what I found was so horrifying. Dogsbite may be pro BSL, but that doesn’t make their info any less accurate. Pro pit people love to hate them, but they also never bother to look at the stats themselves. One example is the list of fatalities; isn’t made up, it’s sourced from multiple places and usually has pics too. No one has to make up these deaths or vicious attacks, or lie about them. They are all too real. I know so many of those people from those stories personally, I promise they are real.

      I have met countless women that love pits for the reasons I described Yes, many do like them because they are “persecuted” (because calling a breed dangerous, and wanting to regulate them, is persecution?), or abused by dogfighters, and often both of these feelings of pity and power are present. But I cannot tell you how many are using the male power of the pit in this way, since we have no power of our own, this is not surprising. I am sure people will find it insulting, but it wasn’t intended to be. It’s a description I find accurate. It was hard to miss this.

      I am not a great writer, so the wording “power trip” may have been worded better, but it is the closest to an accurate description of my experience. Not that its true power- just the feeling of it. While they may not be handmaidens for patriarchy (love that post you linked) I do see many woman as handmaidens for pit bulls, which inadvertently serves the male side of the pit community (dog fighters, etc).

      As for the stuff about pits themselves, please keep reading. This is but one post, I have a wealth of info you might find interesting I can share over time. I will just hit a few points because the amount of really dangerous info out there terrifies me, TBH. No, they don’t have jaws that lock physically. What they do have is an inbred trait called “gameness”, which makes them refuse to let go, which is why there are break sticks. As for the “its how you raise them” just observing reality shows this is untrue. The majority of attacks and fatalities are by dogs that were not only not abused, nor fought, or anything, but were beloved family pets. Even though they are the dog of the criminal class, attacks happen as frequently in nice suburbs, from dogs owned by middle class non violent people. Very few of the serious attacks are from fighting dogs, because of the nature of how fighting dogs are kept makes them much less likely to be loose around and able to harm a person.

      The truth is that they were created to fight in the pit, and this cannot be loved away. Reading their history is a good starting point, and is a fascinating window into this segment of horrific masculinity. Also, a good behaviorist to read is Alexandra Semyanova.

      At this point it matters not why they do what they do- what matters to me is that the carnage is stopped. The damage and death toll is only increasing. 1-2 people put in critical condition everyday, and a death every other week, plus countless grisly deaths of other animals, is a real problem.”Responsible ownership” has never stalled these attacks, but BSL has (as well as reduced suffering of the dogs themselves).

      Stay safe! If theres one thing I can communicate- please don’t let kids that don’t live with the pit, come stay in a home with that pit. The majority of fatal attacks on kids come from situations where the kid was visiting, temporarily staying with, or being baby sat, by someone owning pit bulls. Young women that dog sit for pits have also been mauled to death, as well as elderly women caring for pits belonging to younger relatives.


      1. Black Metal Valkyrie

        Honoured! 🙂 How kind. What would you recommend to someone who lives in a household with a pit bull that was rescued as a baby from a ditch and seems gentle and has the family very attached to her? We also have a 6 yr old English Springer/Beagle mix who now seems delicate compared to our pittie. I have come to find her big flat head, jaws, neck, chest etc cute but that was not my instinct at first. You can link me here, I will read it. I was reading about the abuse you received in the tech world btw. That man is a fucking fucker. I would castrate him with my pit bull’s canine teeth. 😉


      2. freefromsexpozzies Post author

        Of course you love your dog! I am not suggesting you get rid of him, so long as there aren’t small kids in the home with you, and its never snapped, bit, or growled at anyone (this is serious!). I don’t know anyone pro BSL/anti pit that suggests getting rid of current household dogs!

        **Think of a pit like a Nigel- usually great and loving, but always with an undercurrent of deadly danger and untrustworthiness.**

        Some of my top pit bull tips are just basic things all dog owners ought to do, others are specific:

        1) Know your breed. Never deny its fighting heritage and genetics.
        If you just do not think this dog is just like other dogs, is totally different behaviorally, you will be fine. Know what pits can do, and all else will follow.

        2) Never rely on signals and body language like other dogs, as its been bred out of them. Even certain tail wags can be misleading! (they wag like crazy when they are attacking, short fast side to side wag means arousal)

        2) NEVER EVER EVER let kids that aren’t in your household, in the house/yard with your dog. 40% of child fatalities, and a majority of severe maulings (loss of limb, face) are kids that were visiting a home with a pit: being baby-sat, temporarily moving in, visiting a friend, etc. I think the kids’ own pit accounts for 25% of deaths, but I would have to look again.

        3) Accessories: Own, and carry, and BREAK STICK and learn to use it. It can save a life. Always have-and use- a proper lead and harness/collar. Pits can frequently pull 5,000# plus (it’s a dog sport), so retractable leashes, very long leads, and weak links and collars are a bad idea. Its handy to also have a “basket” muzzle for times where you want to take him places that may over stimulate him, like a festival with lots of noise, people, kids. This type of muzzle allows eating, drinking, etc, it is not cruel. And cruel is setting the dog up to fail.

        4) NEVER EVER EVER let your dog run loose, or be in any situation where it is not directly controlled by an adult with sufficient strength (no kids walking him, no yards with short fences).
        This is not just to protect others, but to protect your dog, as pits get shot when people feel threatened, and dog fighters may steal him. There are a LOT of dog fighters, this is a serious safety issue for your buddy.

        Leashing (and occasionally even basket muzzling) is also the polite thing to do. Even if it never attacks, people are rightly scared of these dogs and leaving them loose can terrify others. They can be extremely triggering, and cause nasty anxiety in attack victims.

        Your dog may never harm anything, and with proper management, the odds of an attack are extremely low with a neutered dog, over the age of 4, without previous signs of aggression. The most dangerous age is at maturation, 1-2 or so, but they have attacked as young as 6 months.

        And my #1 tip of ALL TIMES!
        Of you like the look of pits, go for a boxer, purebred. They were developed, in part, from pits (1/3rd), and have a similar build without the risks of attack.

        As for the tech guy- that is not me, thank goddess. I reblogged that, the link is on there somewhere. I have had plenty of abuse at work, but nothing like that.
        I agree with having your pit castrate him! Every year a pit castrates a few people, last year one bit all the genitals off an infant boy- YIKES.

        For info:
        Dogsbite.com IS an accurate source of information on all fatal dog attacks, and a highlight of some of the most severe (daily) maulings.. There is a list of fatalities with pics, and cross referenced with other verified info. Pit advocates hate them because there are lots of pits on that list, but disliking it does not make it untrue.

        I LOL at them being “lobbyists” because Dogsbite is literally one women, a bunch of other collecting data and such, and this is only because after a certain year (1996?), the CDC stopped recording the # of DBRF by breed/type. Their political activism consists of having victims speak to politicians in public, like any individual. No money involved. Wheres the anti BSL/pro pit lobby is huge, has millions of dollars behind them, bullies their opponents and takes money from breeders. Ever since “no kill” got big, humane societies are even pro pit, and no longer credible (but older info IS). I hate “no kill” aka slow kill, but thats another post.

        The whole pit thing is totally nuts- we recalled 3.6 million strollers last week because 6 infants lose a fingertip, but we make laws against banning a type of dog that is used for fighting, and kills and maims more than ALL OTHERS combined, and them some. This is why I cannot help but see it as an issue directly related to patriarchy.

        I will get you some other links. Here is some stuff to Google:

        Diane Jessup- She is a credible, pit breeder, anti BSL advocate, and famous trainer that has mostly accurate information on her blog, if you want to hear about this from a pit enthusiast. Obviously I don’t care for her beliefs, but you can get real info about the breed from her site.

        Personally, I read:
        For daily updates I read “Dangerous Dogs in the News” , a neutral news aggregator for ALL breed attacks.

        “Dogs Bite Decateur AL”, which is totally anti pit, but a great place to follow the most severe maulings, some pet attacks, newsworthy stuff, and to learn about the crazy things that only pits do, like jump off 2nd story balconies, do home invasions , jump into cars, chew out of metal cages, kill flocks of alpacas, maul horses with riders, etc.
        And, “Scorched Earth, the Politics of Pitbulls”, which collects stories out of Ohio, with commentary and also screen caps of the abuse and excuses the pit crazies make to victims.

        For victim stories, there is “AVOCA.org”, and “Daxtons Friends”, Of you can read the victims stories and not cry, I would be shocked.

        Good overview:

        I like to read from all types- pro pit, anti pit, all dog, and neutral.

        Hope this helps! I will link to my story next time.


      3. Dorothy Mantooth

        Hi Black Metal Valkyrie!

        If I may jump in… I have a couple of recommendations–stories to read–for someone who lives with a pit bull who seems very gentle and is well-loved by the family. Of course you love your dog, and I understand your skepticism about the “attacks suddenly without warning,” because it sounds so antithetical to what we know about dog behavior. Unfortunately, though, pit bulls are not like other dogs–they were specifically bred to be very different from other dogs–and there are many, many tales from people who found out the hard way that the sudden attack is not a myth. (I’m only including a few links out of hundreds, and I’m excluding any attacks in which the lead-up to the attack wasn’t witnessed, so, for example, two-year-old Beau Rutledge, killed in under two minutes by his family’s pampered pit bull Kissy Face, who often slept with him, isn’t here.)

        http://17barks.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/what-happened-to-gavin.html Beloved family pit bull Bexar, who was loving and gentle with the writer’s baby, attacks her five-year-old cousin Gavin suddenly and without warning, in the middle of a family party. Gavin wasn’t even looking at the dog, and there were numerous adults around.

        http://17barks.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/getting-to-know-pit-bulls-continued.html Woman is forced to strangle her much-loved pet pit bull after the pit bull breaks out of a bedroom to kill another dog and then turns on her. (The other stories were all completely unprovoked and with no possible “triggers,” not that something like the owner falling down or wearing her hair in a ponytail should be a trigger for a deadly attack, but for the sake of clarity. This one does have sort of a potential trigger, I guess, in that another dog was in the house while the pit bull was locked away, but IMO it provides such a clear view of what these dogs are like if/when they “go pit,” and how much it takes to stop them.)

        http://www.wwltv.com/story/news/2014/09/05/14692518/ Four-year-old girl is innocently watching TV with her mother when her mother’s boyfriend’s pit bull–with whom the girl was very comfortable and familiar–attacks and kills her.

        http://www.myfoxdetroit.com/story/19740635/police-baby-dies-after-pit-bull-attack-on-detroits-west-side Beloved family pet pit bull attacks and kills sleeping three-week-old baby.

        It’s worth doing a Google search, too, but for a more accurate/helpful search, enter your search term (like “pit bull attacks”) and then click “News” rather than just doing a general Google search. That way you’ll get news stories rather than blogs etc.

        Freefromsexpozzies, thanks so much for this. It never occurred to me before, the similarities between the pit bull advocates and the sex pozzies/trans advocates/etc.; they both love to victim-blame, they both refuse to see scientific fact and have bullied scientists who should know better into saying what they want them to say. The truth about pit bulls and their history is out there, in print, from all kinds of contemporaneous sources, and there are a few people who will tell the truth, but when faced with death threats a lot of them cave. It doesn’t help that so many shelters/Animal Control departments have been taken over by polemicists and people who don’t care how many women and children die as long as they can keep their dogs.*

        (*Black Metal Valkyrie, I want to make clear that when I mention those people–the extreme advocates, the people who do things like start Facebook fundraising campaigns to save the poor misunderstood pibbles who tear children to shreds without warning or provocation–I absolutely do NOT mean you. Like I said above, of course you love your dog. I don’t blame you for that in the slightest! Of course you’re reluctant to see your dog as a potential killer; who wouldn’t be? And hey, it’s possible your dog will never “go pit.” But there’s just no way to predict it, and no way to stop it from happening. Those dogs are like land mines; you may never step on one, but if you do, you’re in real trouble–and unfortunately your odds of stepping on one, and of having that one do serious or fatal damage, are way higher with this breed than with any other breed.)


  2. Black Metal Valkyrie

    Linking to a lobbying website does not help your case, and I am skeptical of the anatomical correctness of the claim that pits latch on and won’t let go.


  3. Lisa

    Well spotted. People jumping to the defense of these dogs denying the obvious evidence that they are especially dangerous. Likewise sex-pozzies will defend sex work despite the obvious evidence that it is purposefully degrading. (By evidence I mean of course the outright admission/bragging by men in the porn industry (not actors). ) And the ‘gamers’ who will deny that females are portrayed in very misogynistic ways in games. And this is true for all media. Women are portrayed as they are seen from mens’ eyes. All so-called entertainment is male-centric. From the male point of view.
    But interesting what these things have in common, when people defend something that is obviously and proven to be harmful. They defend it not based on objective analysis but because they personally love it. And they pretend that it isn’t personal of course.
    I mean I always wanted just once to hear Hefner, or some other pimp, say “yes, it’s degrading to women but we enjoy it so piss off.” or to hear gamers/reviewers/self styled media analyzers say, “Yes the portrayal of women is at best titillating, but mostly outright misogynist but we like it anyway and frankly just don’t give a sh*t.” But they don’t. They try to convince you that you’re too sensitive, or taking it the wrong way, or (the best) that it’s ironic. It really wouldn’t be so bad if they just admit why they defend these things (I’m not talking about the pit bulls anymore lol). Because at least then we wouldn’t feel like questioning a our own sanity/sensitivity/lack of sense of humor, because how else can we be the only ones bothered by this?
    So cheers. And excellent example to show how in denial people can be about dangerous things they like or want.



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