And Who the Hell Am I?

I am a nobody. Just a female trying to live in this sick, sick, world, and remain as whole as possible.

If it matters, I am a “generic white” woman, upper 30’s, 2 kids, PNW transplant from a fly-over state in good ‘ol ‘Murica. There really isn’t much else to say; career and family has wiped my identity clean over the last decade and I am working to reclaim it.

As a baby RadFEm, I cannot claim to know much, but I am learning! What I do know is that I love womyn, and try to put them first in everything I do. If women don’t care for other women, no one will. I cannot believe how long it took me to learn this very simple lesson.


Why, Why, Why?

Everyday I hear about  the harm that befalls women, so much of it based on being female. It never fails to hurt, and enrage.  While some types of violence are well known, like murders and DV, others are hidden land mines, ready to be stepped on at any time. I am no expert, so I will focus on what I know from lived experience and simple facts and stats, what is on my mind at the time.

Why blog? Who cares? Honestly, I have no idea, and probably no one. But I have to do it, if only to regain my voice and sharpen my ideas.