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Pit Bull Handmaidens and Patriarchy

Ever since I have been active in pro BSL (breed specific legislation) advocacy, because of the grave danger that pit bulls pose to girls and women, I have wondered why so many of the most vocal, public, pit enthusiasts, have been women. Unlike men, that are mostly in anti BSL advocacy/rescue, as a cover for dog fighting, and other typical disgusting activities, women really want to save every one of these “pibbles”- even ones that have killed babies and ripped flesh off of women (wish this was hyperbole)!  I get why men love pits, they are an intimidating, walking embodiment of masculinity. But why women?

Even as hundreds of women are dismembered, their baby daughters ripped from their arms to get their faces torn off, even killed, tens of thousands of women are spending all of their time and money protecting and rescuing these pits, putting themselves (and all others) at risk. The “rescue angels” also spend endless amounts of effort to convince everyone that these pits are really just poor misunderstood, sweet, nanny-dogs, that would never hurt a fly. They deny the death toll, and even when faced with a victim, they do not appear to accept the danger as related to the dog. It defies comprehension.

Those of us that work to protect all women and girls (and the general public) from these animals receive insane amounts of hate mail; death threats towards them and their families, graphic threats of rape, detailed stories of how their mauler will eat the person alive, illustrations of their kids being harmed, etc. They also are stalked, have their names smeared, reputations ruined, pit worshippers call their jobs and try to get them fired, they are censored, de-platformed, etc.  (And for once, the men get the same horrible harassment and abuse as the women! Equality!)

I bet this is all sounding strangely familiar right about now….. So I had to ask myself- why are the responses to those that try to protect women and children from pit bulls, prostitution, rape, murder, so similar? Why are these people so over the top insane about these animals, who are known to be the deadliest dog on the planet as far as body count goes? Why is it that stating basic facts is enough to get a mob to try to destroy you? What gives?

It is because Pit Bulls are the ultimate expression of patriarchy and the darkest side of male supremacy; brute strength, willingness to kill, rape, and destroy, as well as an innate desire for random violence. Made by the most masculine of men, to fight and kill for male pleasure and profit, pits are the perfect embodiment of all that is deadly in patriarchy, and exploitive in capitalism. Modern men see, in pits, the traits they most want to identify with, a primitive, primal, viciousness and mastery of the fight.

I do believe this direct relation to patriarchy is why a certain women worship pits- it gives them esteem, authority, and a (false) sense of power, to think that such a potent male creature is under their total control. Owning these monsters is how they try to access the power that they can never have in the real world, the world ruled by despotic males.  The power trip they get from believing that they have tamed these wild, brutal beasts, and made them their beloved protector, is enormously fulfilling. They see the ultimate man in a pit bull (sex of the dog is irrelevant); loving, loyal, but willing to rip the throat out of anyone that looks at them wrong.

This behavior has a parallel in women that adore, and pursue, convicted murders, felons, rapists, pornographers, and other violent types. A lifetime of seeing violence and brutality towards women portrayed as intensely sexual and pleasurable, it is no surprise when women are aroused by being intimate with a man/animal that has proven willing and able to use violence. Winning the “love” of such a vicious monster makes some women feel special, and even safe. Even if their family relationships weren’t based on the same pattern of abuse, our culture has taught women that violence and degradation are a necessary part of being loved.

And the pit bull fulfills these identical needs, but with the added bonus of being property, fully dependent, and unable to leave. The dog is an idealized partner, and anytime someone threatens this relationship in any way, they are targeted. The same goes for anyone that attempts to break the necromantic spell of the pit bull by sharing statistics, and stories of attacks, they must be shut up permanently if possible. Women team up with some of the most vicious of men to attack those that dare speak the truth about their prized possession.

Sadly, these all of these relationships often come with a very high price for women, including, death.Two of the saddest examples of this dynamic are the deaths of Darla Napora (and fetus) and Rebecca Carrey . Both of these women were staunch pit bull supporters involved in anti BSL and pro pit advocacy. Darla’s husband was extremely creepy,and likely abusive; the ashes of the dog that killed her, were buried in the coffin with her body, and her unborn baby. Rebecca rescued known dangerous dogs, mostly pits, that were taken from a shelters death row. Both were sacrificed to the necromantic cult of the pit bull.

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