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Femicide in Mexico

Recently I was telling someone about another particularly gruesome event that had just happened in Mexico, and how it bothered me, and he said:
“Why do you even care? Why do you read that negative stuff anyway, its not like you can do anything about it. What do you do other than complain online? You should quit reading that stuff, and stick to happy news!”

Honestly, I didn’t really have a good response for him at the time. I was so surprised that anyone would think this way, that all I could get out was a few pithy lines about why its important not to be an ignorant fool about the world we live in.
But it bothered me.
I don’t want to be a keyboard warrior, but there are just so many things happening out there that I simply do not have any control over, no matter how much I want to help. He made me question myself- why *was* I continuing to read more, knowing I would be getting upset over atrocities happening to women and girls thousands of miles away, knowing nothing I could do would matter?
But I couldn’t stop following these stories like these:


I have decided that sometimes, just being witness to this suffering is something. These women should not be forgotten, their suffering should not go unnoticed. They lived, they mattered. I may be a nobody, but the lives of other women count to me, and if that means I bum someone out by telling them about a new narco fosa (mass grave) was found, or another female blogger was beheaded for sharing info about the cartel to keep her neighbors safe, so be it.

I am sure it was the few years I spent living in Mexico that made me aware of the extreme violence that is commonplace all over the nation. While we in America occasionally hear about the cartels, narcos, and kidnappings, we rarely hear about the toll the lawlessness takes on women and girls. As always, females are the hardest hit, most abused; in areas where men are rounded up and executed, the women suffer far worse fates. The sheer volume and brutality is shocking.

The story I linked was from 2 weeks ago, and is just one example of how women are being murdered in droves. The blog I am linking to, Borderland Beat, is an amazing work of journalism, and is run by a very talented and caring women. Sadly, she is leaving after years of this extremely dangerous work, but the site will remain valuable due to the other contributors. If you care to know what is really going on in Mexico these days, this is the place for real news.